Anita Moorjani’s Mind/Body Connection

In 2006, Anita Moorjani was lying in a hospital bed, losing her battle with cancer.  Her organs were shutting down and her lungs were filling with fluid as she went into a deep coma.  

“Radical Remission” – A Book Review

Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., was working as a counselor at a cancer research hospital in San Francisco when she came across a cancer patient who had achieved a recovery

Protocel, Pancreatic Cancer, and Peace of Mind

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!  At Christmas time, Peace on Earth is an important theme.  Of course, peace is not always just political . . . it can occur in many different ways,

Protocel Cures Pharmacist’s Breast Cancer

As a senior pharmacist who had dispensed medications to countless people over more than 30 years, Julia was emotionally broadsided when she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Cancer Can Tear Families Apart

Phew!  It’s bad enough to have cancer rear its ugly head in a family, but what adds insult to injury is when that very situation tears a family apart.  How does this happen?

Can Biopsies Spread Cancer?

Not every cancer situation lends itself to a biopsy.  But when it does, and your doctor suggests one, you may have a decision to make.  Is it in your best interest?

Protocel, Paw Paw and Cannabis for Cervical Cancer

  How would you feel if you were diagnosed with cancer, went to the top specialist at the top treatment center in America, did everything 

Why Avoid Mountain Biking and Skateboarding?

According to my own observations over the years, any strong impact to the body is something you should probably try to avoid if you have cancer.

Paw Paw For Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Cancer

Everyone dealing with cancer should know about Paw Paw . . . ESPECIALLY those who have already gone through or are getting chemotherapy.  Why?

No Sex for 48 Hours Before Your PSA Test!

Did you know that sexual orgasm can skew a man’s PSA test results? For men concerned about prostate cancer, abstaining from sex for two days before testing is