Should We Still Be Running For The Cure?

Estimates for both the U.S. and Great Britain indicate that about one in every two and a half people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.  Yet, despite the so-called “war on cancer,” mainstream medicine’s ability to cure cancer remains dismal.  One in every four deaths in the U.S. is due to cancer, and the following two comparisons help us see the enormity of the problem from two other angles as well:

(1)  In just one year (1996), more people in the United States died of cancer than the number of U.S. soldiers who died over the full spans of World War II, the Korean War, and the entire Vietnam War COMBINED.  And independent studies show that Americans are still dying of cancer at virtually the same rate as in 1996.

(2)  Another way to look at it is that deaths due to cancer are equivalent to about TEN  September 11th terrorist attacks every month.

So, should we be concerned about cancer?  You bet!  It’s a terrible problem and the reason why pink ribbons and walks and runs for “the cure” have been so popular!

But what if not just one, but MANY cures for cancer have already been found?  And what if no cancer patient is ever told about these cures by their oncologist?

The Cancer Treatment Conundrum

I have been investigating the cancer treatment conundrum for over fifteen years. Like so many people, I never thought much about cancer until a family member of mine was diagnosed and not given a good prognosis.  Not being a physician, I never expected to write about cancer.  However, as a retired Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor who had studied research methodology and had a keen personal interest in helping my family member find the best possible treatment option, I was motivated to look into the subject.  The truth that I discovered shocked me.

For instance, I learned that an astonishing number of non-toxic alternative cancer treatments have already worked very well for many people but are not being recommended by mainstream medicine.  Then it only took a little effort to find out that all alternative treatments are non-toxic to normal healthy cells and because of this, they work FAR better than conventional toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.  Most importantly, I found out that highly effective non-toxic approaches had been labeled “alternative,” not because they didn’t work, were unscientific or unproven, but simply because mainstream medicine wasn’t using them!  Once I realized that many different alternatives for cancer have worked extremely well for thousands of people since the early 1900’s, I understood that

The Cure for Cancer Has Not Only Been Found . . .
It’s Been Found Again and Again and Again and Again and Again!

Let me be clear.   We already have many cures for cancer.  And they are not just supportive methods where a cancer patient buys some supplements from a health food store, juices carrots, does a little fasting or colon cleansing, etc., while they get their chemo.  I’m talking about cancer-eradicating methodologies able to either directly kill cancer throughout the body (even in the bones and brain), or to boost the body’s own ability to fight it enough to recover.

One light bulb moment occurred for me early in my research after I had already interviewed lots of people to include their recovery stories in my book, Outsmart Your Cancer. I was watching “Grey’s Anatomy” on T.V.,  and this particular episode was about a woman who’d been admitted to the hospital with ovarian cancer. I already knew that this type of cancer can be cured in a small number of cases with surgery when it is caught very early, but I also knew that once ovarian cancer has metastasized (spread to other areas), it is not curable by conventional medicine.  As if to support this, one of the main actresses appeared during a commercial break and gave a little speech encouraging viewers to donate to organizations searching for “the cure” for ovarian cancer at all stages.

My mind whirred at this point and suddenly I realized, “Wait a minute . . . I know of three different women who cured themselves of ovarian cancer with alternative methods!”  One with the Protocel formula back when it was called Cancell, one with cesium high pH therapy, and one with the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese approach.  At least two of the three women had already moved into a late stage of metastatic disease when they gave up on conventional medicine and started their alternative approach.  All three had become cancer-free due to their non-toxic treatment protocol when I spoke with them. The best part was that these three women did not know each other and they each used a different alternative method!

Two Separate Worlds

There are countless accounts of people who cured their own brain cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and other types of life-threatening cancer using a variety of non-toxic approaches most people have never heard of.  These are generally not approaches sold in health food stores or even used by naturopaths.  No approach is a magic bullet that will cure every case every time, and because effective alternative treatments have been actively suppressed, you do have to work harder to find out about them and to learn how to use them for best results.  But the reality is that

There are two separate worlds of cancer treatment
and your oncologist will only tell you about one of them.

This is truly unfair to all of us and even extends to our pets’ needs for effective treatment when they get cancer.  But it is the prevailing reality of our time.

Regarding whether we should still be running for “the cure,” my opinion is NO.  At least, I would not give my money for more research to be done by the same pharmaceutical companies looking for the same types of toxic treatments that have failed us miserably for decades.  (In my next article, I will explain why highly toxic treatments don’t work.)

Instead, I suggest we all start recognizing that MANY non-toxic cures for cancer have already been found.  Some of the most effective ones were being used by cancer patients in America as early as the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Others with incredible success rates were developed later in the 20th Century.  These treatments have already shown great success with human cancer patients and would not have to be tested on animals.  They could go right to clinical trials.  If there were a run or walk to raise money  for studies on credible non-toxic treatments such as these to perfect them even more, then I would donate to that effort.

In the meantime, cancer patients still have access to many great non-toxic approaches, and my overall message is one of hope.  As a researcher/writer in this field, I have been privileged to come across countless people who were pronounced as hopeless cancer cases, only to cure themselves with one or more alternative methods!   Future blog articles will discuss some of these methods and others will discuss important concepts to understand so you can make a more informed treatment decision for yourself.

There may be two separate worlds of cancer treatment, but at least you now have the opportunity to learn about BOTH of them!

by Tanya Harter Pierce,  Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER        


For more information on the various ways that non-toxic treatments get rid of cancer, see Chapters 3 through 17 of Outsmart Your Cancer.

4 Responses to Should We Still Be Running For The Cure?

  1. Tony Weishner says:

    I agree , used Protocel and beat colon cancer. No more money for drug company research. Wake up people time to get Smart and Outsmart your cancer.
    Thank You Tanya
    Tony Weishner

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hey Tony, I’m SO happy to hear about your success with Protocel. That’s just great! Thank you for your comment.

  2. Elizabeth Clark says:

    Not knowing any better☹️… my daughter had surgery and chemotherapy last year for a type of ovarian cancer with a tumor called terratoma…I am hoping to find a SOMETHING TO AID HER NOW WITH THE FALLOUT FROM THIS TRAUMA TO HER BODY.. I just heard of PROTOCEL yesterday and was directed to your book and am very interested in your thoughts on POST CHEMO and if PROTOCEL and dietary changes like ketogenisis would be helpful. What I have read here is FASCINATING… and makes me sad that we did not know more when she was diagnosed. Thank you for your passion to this subject and I hope to hear from you soon. She is also dealing with PTSD FROM the whole ordeal.. and even tho being deemed ‘cured’ still has fears and depression associated with all she has been through physically and emotionally.. I am desperate to help her. Thank you.

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello Elizabeth,

      I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s ordeal. Besides the physical trauma, the emotional trauma of it all can certainly be very difficult.

      But take heart! There are many things that can be done to reduce the chances of a recurrence, and starting when one has already achieved remission can work out very well. It is true that chemotherapy may interfere with Protocel’s action if the two are done at the same time, but many people have had great success using Protocel post chemo, so that is not a problem. Dietary changes can help, too. There are really a LOT of options for someone in her situation!

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