Protocel and Wet Wicked Witches

Protocel is a liquid formula that has produced simply amazing results for many cancer patients over the years.  I have presented dozens of remarkable recoveries in Chapter 10 of my book, on the audio CD at the back of the book, and on my website.  So, chances are, many of you already know about it.

In this article, I’d like to talk about Protocel’s unusual mechanism of action because it is a good example of how varied cancer treatments can be, as well as how fully understanding an approach can be critical to achieving optimum results with it.

Protocel’s Unusual Mechanism of Action

When the American chemist, Jim Sheridan, developed this formula, he took cancer treatment in a different direction than others had done.  Instead of introducing a poison to kill the cancer cells, and instead of boosting the body’s immune system to fortify a person’s own ability to overcome their cancer, he followed the concept that cancer cells were already operating on reduced energy and more primitive in their functioning than normal healthy cells.  His goal was to reduce their energy even more and force them down the ‘oxidation-reduction’ ladder to become even more primitive.  The formula he came up with does this is by interfering with the production of ATP in anaerobic cells.

Since all cancer cells are primarily anaerobic,  they eventually fall apart when a person uses Protocel because they get to a point where they no longer have enough energy to hold their membranes together.  In biochemistry, this process of cell membranes bursting is called ‘lysing.’  Healthy cells are NOT primarily anaerobic, and they are not negatively impacted.  (For a much more detailed explanation of Protocel’s history and how it works, see Chapter 9 of Outsmart Your Cancer.)

Wet Wicked Witches

Years ago, I came up with an analogy between Protocel and the classic movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and found it helpful in explaining to people how Protocel works.  In the Wizard of Oz, as you may remember, the wicked witch was seemingly immune to being killed.  None of the normal ways of killing someone, such as stabbing, strangling, poisoning, or shooting with a gun would work on her.  But, like all evil villains, she had a secret weakness.  This was revealed at the end of the movie, when it was discovered that the only way to kill the wicked witch was to pour water on her.  When the characters in the movie finally got her wet, she immediately melted down into a lifeless puddle of goo.  There was no whole dead witch on the ground . . . just harmless wicked witch parts.

This is very similar to what Protocel does to cancer cells, though not through the use of water!

Every cancer cell that lyses and falls apart due to Protocel could be said to be like a tiny little wet wicked witch.  A tiny little ‘pile of goo’ so-to-speak, which is mainly just made up of the harmless protein parts of the cell.  But keep in mind that the most common methods of killing cancer cells, such as with toxic chemotherapy drugs, DON’T cause cancer cells to fall apart into little piles of goo.  They just poison them and cause them to die as a whole dead cancer cells.

Over time, through the use of chemo, a person’s body may have to process out millions of dead cancer cells.  But they are whole dead cancer cells.  On the other hand, when a person uses Protocel and causes cancer cells to lyse over time, their body may have to process out the same millions of cancer cells, but as millions of little piles of goo!

My understanding is that our bodies can process out dead cancer either way.  In other words, either as whole dead cells, or as broken down cells that are now piles of goo.  But there are different ways these two methods of killing cancer can impact a person’s recovery process.  Thus,

How Cancer Cells are Killed  MATTERS!

Our bodies are used to processing out dead cells all the time.  It is simply a normal part of life and there are mechanisms and pathways for accommodating this perfectly natural process.  When cancer treatments kill off a lot of cells at once, there may be more dead cells for the body to process out than normal, but that’s generally no problem because it is what the body is used to doing.  Getting back to the Wizard of Oz movie, putting a dead witch onto a stretcher to carry her away after she’d been strangled, shot or stabbed would be a relative straight-forward maneuver.  However, it could be quite a bit more tricky and require some creative thinking to remove a dead wicked witch after she’d been splashed with water and turned into a pile of goo.  Think of how sticky and messy cleaning up a pile of goo would be?

Maybe I am overusing this analogy.  But the fact is that it explains a lot of what people go through when they take this easy-to-use liquid formula.  For instance, it explains why it is so important for people taking Protocel to drink a lot of water in-between their doses.  This is because lysed egg-white-like material can clog up small lymph vessels or other areas as its being processed out.  Drinking lots of water keeps the lysed cancer cell debris moving out of the body more efficiently.

Seeing the Broken Down Cancer Come Out

What if you were told you could drink less than a teaspoonful of liquid every 6 hours and you would then see evidence of your cancer coming out of your body?  Well, this often happens for people using Protocel.  Though not every cancer patient will see lysed material (broken-down cancer cells) coming out, many do.  It most often takes the form of an egg-white-like mucousy substance showing up in the bowel movements, coming out in the urine or sweat, or as an intermittent runny nose.  Once in a while, lysed cancer cell debris will even come out of the body as very white material.  I have actually seen more than one dog with cancer vomit up such white material after being given Protocel that it looked like the dog had eaten a pile of chalk!

We don’t usually see any evidence of cancer cells coming out of the body when a person is taking chemo, because they are microscopically small, individual whole dead cells that are efficiently processed out through normal pathways.  On the other hand, our bodies are not used to processing out countless little piles of goo, so it tends to build up a little before it comes out.  This can also cause some extra swelling in the cancer area that needs to be interpreted correctly.  For instance, if a woman’s malignant breast cancer tumor gets bigger and more firm over time, this is usually an indication of the cancer growing.  But if a woman’s breast tumor feels somewhat softer after taking Protocel for a while and the whole breast has swollen, that could be an indication that the tumor is lysing and the woman needs to drink more water and possibly jump on a mini-trampoline to move the lymph fluid and get that lysed material to process out of the breast.

As I mentioned in my last article, seeing the lysed cancer cell debris coming out of the body in various ways can be very encouraging to a person with cancer and can also be used as a sign to the person that the way they are using the formula is working.  (Though you DO still have to make sure it is working fast enough to get ahead of the cancer growth and will normally want to use as many diagnostic tools as you can to be sure of your progress.)

I should point out briefly that there ARE some other cancer-killing treatments besides Protocel that may cause the lysing process to occur as well.  For instance, some people have reported that radiation treatments (which also can reduce cell energy) may cause some signs of lysing, and the few chemo drugs that are classified as ‘anti-metabolite’ drugs may cause some cancer cells to lyse.  Even a few natural compounds, such as Paw Paw, are known to reduce the energy production of cancer cells and may therefore cause lysing, too.  But I don’t believe any of these other approaches cause the lysing process to occur quite as much as, or as dramatically as Protocel does.

Lysing and Cancer Marker Blood Tests

Compared to other alternative cancer treatments, Protocel is one of the easiest to use.  But the way it causes cancer cells to fall apart can cause confusion when a person does not totally understand it.  Unfortunately, one of these areas of confusion can involve cancer marker blood tests.

Blood marker tests always measure some type of substance that cancer cells put out into the blood.  Usually, it is a protein of some type.  Normally, as tumors grow and spread, there is more and more of this substance to be found in the blood.  And when cancer cells die off as whole dead cells (again, such as with chemotherapy), there will be less and less of the marker to be found in the blood.  This is because whole dead cancer cells hold onto any marker substances they have not yet released.  They go to their grave with their markers, so-to-speak.

But a person using Protocel will have a different experience with blood marker tests.  Because Protocel causes cells to burst, this process RELEASES cancer markers into the bloodstream at a rate that would normally indicate the cancer is growing.  Thus, we have a situation where cancer marker blood test results may increase dramatically as the cancer is breaking down.  Oncologists and others who do not understand Protocel will naturally assume that the person’s cancer is growing when they see the cancer markers go up.  Obviously, this can be problematic and it is up to the patient, or Protocel user, to logically ascertain what is really happening and what their status is by also looking at scans and evaluating any changes in their symptoms.  Unfortunately, some people have stopped using Protocel when their cancer markers rose because they thought their cancer was growing and spreading, when it may have actually been reducing and going away.

Cell Energy, Schedule of Use, and Other Supplements 

Jim Sheridan designed his formula to reduce the cancer cells’ energy in the body until they fall apart.  But they don’t do this overnight or ever all at once.  One normally takes Protocel every 5 or 6 hours and keeps a steady amount of it in their bloodstream around the clock every day.  This steady approach is akin to gradually running down the battery of a car until it finally ‘dies.’  If the person using Protocel goes too long in-between doses or skips doses, then they will not have the same success making their cancer cells fall apart as they would if they kept a steady amount of it in their bloodstream at all times.  They will also not have the best success if they insist on eating sugar or taking supplements that promote ATP production while using Protocel.  Once a person really understands how Protocel causes cancer cells to fall apart, then they know why the constant schedule of dosing and avoiding certain energy-promoting supplements is so important.

Though Protocel is quite easy and straightforward to use, issues may arise that are indeed counter to how we are used to thinking.  I hope this article and the analogy of Wet Wicked Witches helps!

by Tanya Harter Pierce,  Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER


For more details on the history and mechanism of action of the Protocel formula, plus impressive testimonials and how to use it for optimum results, see Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Outsmart Your Cancer.

20 Responses to Protocel and Wet Wicked Witches

  1. Angela Bacon says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed. I am currently giving my dog Protocel and find it a little difficult as there aren’t a lot of articles to read regarding dogs. I was concerned that for 3 days now after his morning walk he throws up a white foamy substance. It’s not like a normal regurgitating, he just all of a sudden stops and this substance comes of his mouth. I am hoping it’s a normal part of the process. It can seem kind of lonely and I find myself questioning what I am doing since there aren’t a lot of sources I can go to to find out if my dogs reaction is normal. But so far he seems to be doing fine. He has always had a very sensitive stomach. (He has a small mast cell tumor on his upper ear flap fyi.) Thank you again!

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello Angela,
      I am not a doctor or veterinarian, as you know, and have never made any money on the sale of Protocel. However, I do know that Protocel has had success with Mast Cell cancers in dogs before and wrote up one testimonial on that in particular years ago. So I think it is worth a try. If you are feeling confused and would like more details on how to administer the formula to pets, feel free to schedule a phone consult with me if you like. (The 3rd Box on my Home Page.) That way, I could answer your detailed questions with information I have learned as a researcher/writer. Best wishes!

  2. William says:

    Thank you for your post here! I am a survivor thanks to the Lord and His provision of Protocel/Cantron. As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient, we found my cancer due to lymph nodes protruding out of my neck. I began taking Cantron two weeks prior to my first dose of chemo. By the time I began my chemo, my lymph nodes had already recessed! I had my first dose of chemo and upon coming home, went to the bathroom and recall seeing then my cancer was in the toilet. The egg white goo your reference is exactly what I saw. There were “pearl” like globs and egg white goo and even extra bubbles. Thereafter, based upon further research, what I saw then was not known to me until later that what I was seeing was my cancer! Protocel/Cantron works! I only ended up doing 3.5 months of chemo only to walk aways, knowing that the Lord had healed me. I am now 11 years cancer-free!

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello William,

      Thank you for posting your experience with seeing evidence of lysed cancer coming out! This is a great thing to share with others looking for answers. And congratulations on your wonderful recovery from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma!!

  3. Flavio Diaz Bernal says:

    Dear Tanya:
    Thanks a lot for your book. My child have 3 years and soon turn to 4. He have a brain tumor (23% still inside after a surgeon) very agressive and have a shunt valve installed in his brain. In the case of the use of Protocel 23 and start lysing the tumor, this efect can make an obstruction to the shunt valve?. Our Oncologist said that the valve is not near the tumor. Thanks and best regards.

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello Flavio,
      First, I’d like to say that I deeply sympathize with what you and your family are going through right now. To answer your question, I have heard about other cases of children with brain cancer using Protocel who also had shunt valves. At least two of those did NOT clog up with lysed material, and it is probably good that the shunt is not near your son’s tumor. However, I have to say there is no way of knowing in advance whether lysed material would get into the shunt and cause an obstruction or not. There is probably a possibility but, from what I have been told by medical experts, that type of shunt can sometimes get clogged and need replacing even if one is NOT on Protocel. Many people would see Protocel as a very good option for your son’s case, and I do too. If you haven’t already, you might want to refer to page 173 of my book to see the lists of which types of cancer the Formula 23 is recommended for and which types the Formula 50 is recommended for. There is one type suggested for glioblastoma brain cancer and another for all other types of brain cancer (such as astrocytomas.) If you have more questions, feel free to schedule a phone call with me to go over your concerns in more detail, if you like. (From my Home Page, just go to the 3rd box that says, “Schedule a Call.”)
      Warm thoughts and wishes!

      • Flavio Diaz Bernal says:

        Dear Tanya:
        Thanks for your lines. The type of brain cancer is an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor. Now my child is on Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. He is doing very well with the support of 4life Research supplements. He is a warrior! We order the Formula 23 and is on the way. Thanks a lot for your support. Blessings.

        • Tanya Pierce says:

          Dear Flavio,
          I’m so glad to hear your son is doing very well. Blessings to both of you!

          • Flavio Diaz Bernal says:

            Dear Tanya:
            I schedule an appointment call this monday. I hope to hear your advice.
            Thanks and best regards.

          • Flavio Diaz Bernal says:

            Dear Tanya: Thanks for a very full of hope conversation. Kindly we are waiting for your email. Thanks and best regards.

  4. Paula says:

    I have follicular lymphoma. (Biopsy was mis-read as benign 8.5 years ago but that’s another story). I was seriously considering taking Protocel vs. a supervised water-fast, but now I just read that a vegan diet is not recommended with Protocel. I am an ethical vegan of 10 years and not going to stop. Can you tell me why a vegan diet is not recommended? Thanks.

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello Paula,
      That is a good question. Over the years, it has been recommended that people using Protocel eat a balanced and varied diet with sufficient good quality protein to rebuild tissues as the cancer breaks down, while avoiding sugar, alcohol, and fruit juices or concentrated green juice. Compared to most alternative cancer treatment approaches, this is a pretty easy diet plan. But because of how Protocel works to reduce the production of ATP in cancer cells, certain vitamins, minerals or herbs are to be avoided . . . especially vitamin C and selenium. If people eat a fairly normal varied diet, they don’t need to worry about getting too much of these. However, vegans may eat higher amounts of vegetables and fruits and possibly take in too much vit. C or selenium, which could make the Protocel less effective. Thus, my understanding is that you CAN be vegan and use Protocel, but you may have to work harder at getting enough protein without overdoing the foods high in vitamin C or selenium. I can’t say how much is too much, but I know that’s the main reason for this precaution. I hope this helps!

      • Paula says:

        Thank you Tanya that is some insight there. Legumes are a big part of my diet and I tend to be weaker on the fruits and vegetables anyway, so those foods might not be a problem for me. It does say here: “Jim Sheridan believed that Protocel was not compatible with a Vegan diet. Recent events support this view. A Vegan diet is NOT recommended with Protocel®.”

        My veterinarian is actually the person who told me about your book and about Protocel. He said he uses Protocel in certain cases with his animal patients. Recently he told me he knows two people who have had good results with Protocel.

        Yet every doctor I have asked has never heard of Protocel and when they look it up they just do a cursory search and say there are no studies on it and see that the NCI and NIH has bashed it. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black — supervised water-fasting is not exactly well-established and those doctors have been called quacks, and yet these guys call Protocel quackery. I was told that lysis can be dangerous.

        I am tremendously uncertain which modality to try. The supervised water-fasting will require me to go to CA for about a month and figure out care for my 4 cats. Plus the significant expense. Tell you the truth I don’t trust either one, but I so want this cancer out of my body that I am willing to be fully accountable for being gullible, whichever one I choose. Fortunately I’m told my lymphoma is indolent and I need no treatment at this time. So I can take my time making a decision.

        • Tanya Pierce says:

          I do not know for sure why Jim Sheridan recommended against a vegan diet with Protocel, but it may have been this vitamin C/selenium issue. I really don’t know, however. From what you said about how you eat a lot of legumes, I would think you’d do fine. That’s great that your veterinarian told you about my book and Protocel. Glad you mentioned that. I have definitely known some wonderful pet cures. I sympathize with your difficulty in deciding which approach to use. But there are MANY good non-toxic methods, so don’t get discouraged. If you would like help going over some of your options, feel free to schedule a call with me through the 3rd box on my Home page.
          Wishing you the best!

          • Paula says:

            Thank you Tanya, I might schedule a call. As far as the other methods in your book, they seem highly regimented and complicated, and I don’t think I could comply. Plus, I do have the luxury of being told that I don’t have to do anything right now and that I will probably die from something else. I’m 64 and I don’t want to live into decrepitdue anyway. I’m listening to a download of Dr. Klaper talking about fasting right now. Perhaps that is something you might want to include in any updated versions of your book. Best wishes.

          • Tanya Pierce says:

            Sounds good, Paula!

  5. Julie says:

    Dear Tanya, I was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, Glioblastoma. I am so uneducated on everything I am not even sure what Glioblastoma Multiforme means but it says it on my summary I receive from all the doctors I see. I have been speaking to a woman I met and she gave me your book, Outsmart your cancer. I just started reading it. I am learning so much and thank you so much for sharing information, I never realized how many people are suffering daily from this disease. My surgeon will not operate, they said it is incurable and I feel like I can never get answers from my doctor. And I also have a huge problem eating way to much sugar, my doctor said it is a myth and just to maintain it. I am craving sugars really bad. Maybe should I see a Dietitian? Thanks for your time.

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Dear Julie,
      I cannot give out medical advice for individual cases since I am not a doctor. But what I have learned as a writer/researcher is that Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) tumors are possibly the fastest-growing type of cancer on the planet. The best successes I have come across have been with a Protocel formula 50 and Paw Paw combination approach (see my blog article on Paw Paw). However, even the best alternative methods may not have time to get on top of the growth of this type of cancer. Therefore, quite a few people will choose to undergo a series of radiation treatments at the same time as using their alternative in order to shrink the mass and slow it’s growth. Thus you may want to talk to your oncologist about this possibility immediately. (Sometimes a steroid or anti-seizure med. may also be required when dealing with brain cancer of any type, so discuss this as well.)
      I hope this helps!

  6. Moe says:

    Dear Tanya,
    I was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma. I am male 38 yrs. old. I started taking protocel 2 months ago. I am feeling much better than when I was on chemo and most of my numbers went up to normal or almost normal except the tumor markers. How long should it take to see those numbers going down, that would be a big relief for me knowing that we’re at that point. Another question I have, I understand drinking alcohol is not good if taking protocel. Should I stay away completely from alcohol or can I drink a bottle once a week?

    • Tanya Pierce says:

      Hello! It is definitely best NOT to drink alcohol when fighting cancer using any approach. (Just like the importance of staying away from refined and sugar-filled foods.) At least you will give yourself the best chance for recovery by not feeding your cancer cells glucose. And this may be even more important when using Protocel. On the other hand, once you feel your cancer growth is under control or you are in remission, you could probably add in just a small amount of alcohol once in a while. As to how long it takes to see tumor markers going down, that depends on various factors including how much cancer a person has and how fast or slow growing it is. Usually, people using Protocel will see their cancer markers rise for a few months as the cancer is initially breaking down, but this varies. Watch for other signs of improvement as your cancer marker rises, such as signs of lysing, feeling better, etc.

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