Everyone dealing with cancer should know about Paw Paw . . . ESPECIALLY those who have already gone through chemotherapy,

“What?”  You may be exclaiming.  “No sex for 48 hours?  My doctor didn’t tell me that!”  Well, I’m not surprised because I haven’t come across a 

DCIS  (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ)  is a common breast cancer diagnosis.  In fact, according to some sources, it may comprise as much as 30% of all

Protocel is a liquid formula that has produced simply amazing results for many cancer patients over the years.  I have presented dozens of 

It is always interesting to learn what people’s concepts of alternative cancer treatments are.  Some will envision vegan diet, lots of juiced  

At this point, some of you reading this blog may be confused by my references to conventional medicine’s dismal track record at curing cancer.

We all know about the mom, dad, grandparent or aunt who gets a clean scan following a period of treatment and is declared “all clear” by their

Just about everyone has known someone battling cancer, often within their close family sphere. And, if asked how they feel about cancer, just about

Estimates for both the U.S. and Great Britain indicate that about one in every two and a half people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.